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March 2021

One year into the global coronavirus pandemic, daily life is just beginning to resume. We expect consumers will resume many pre-pandemic activities but that some of the behaviors learned during the pandemic will remain.

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February 2020

SECURE Act Upends Estate Planning

With the Setting Every Community Up for
Retirement Enhancement (the “SECURE Act”) of 2019, the government is doing anything but making investors and
retirees feel secure. Read More


October 2019

Don't Ignore Dividends: 9 Ways Dividend Can Help Investment Portfolios

We believe equity investors often ignore the dividend component of the equity return stream and do not appreciate the role high dividend-paying stocks can play in a portfolio. Read More


April 2020

In this article, we will provide some information regarding a recent IRS action and select provisions of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act. Read More


February 2020

Looking Forward with 2020 Vision

Bruderman Asset Management LLC launches 1879 Advisors, merging the two brands into one forward looking financial advisory firm with a long history of helping investors. Read More


February 2020

Potential economic impact of COVID-2019

The novel coronavirus (COVID-2019) has emerged quickly, causing significant market volatility. We examine the potential economic impact of the virus by looking at past actual and potential pandemics. 

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January 2020

2020 Market Outlook

The trade war and an aggressive Fed in 2018 have slowed the economy since the start of 2019. The manufacturing sector has been notably weak while continued job growth has left consumers relatively better off. Read More

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