Investment Advice

Retirement Income Planning 


There is never a one size fits all when it comes to a retirement plan.  A retirement income plan should focus on growth to meet your long-term needs, guaranteed income (Social Security, Pension, Fixed Income Annuities) to help with your essential expenses as well as the flexibility to refine your retirement plan over the years.

Social Security Optimization 


Social Security is a critical component of an effective retirement income plan. Many investors across all income levels will include Social Security as a source of retirement income.  


Accumulation & Distribution Strategies (Variable Annuities) 


If you’re building a plan for your financial future and want the potential to grow assets tax-deferred, a variable annuity may be a portfolio addition to consider. 

During the accumulation phase of a variable annuity, money paid into the contract ("premium") is allocated to investment portfolios ("subaccounts") where earnings have the potential to grow tax deferred. Many variable annuities offer investment portfolios that are actively managed by professional money managers, thereby allowing you to create your own investment strategy among the various subaccounts. This technique may provide you the opportunity to properly position your portfolio to grow during good times, while reducing risk and protecting capital during market downturns. 

During the distribution phase of the contract, a variable annuity can be converted into a series of income payments for your entire lifetime, over a set time period, or one lump-sum payment. If you begin taking withdrawal payments before age 59 ½, your withdrawals may be subject to additional taxes. 

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